How to write annotated bibliography is a common question. A bibliography is like the credits concluding a movie. Of course nobody likes to wait and see who the production manager is. But your dissertation is a different case. People will always be looking for bibliography for two reasons

1. Credibility
2. Further study

Learning how to write a bibliography is explained below in 9 easy steps

Citation arrangement: books, magazines, articles etc have to be arranged n the right order. The pattern is different for all of them.

Keep the record: when learning how to write a bibliography also learns how not to be lazy.
Write all your references all along are better than in the end.

Basics: don’t ignore any kind of basics which are necessary for any other writing.

Authors: always alphabetize them; write complete names, for multiple writers use et al.

PUBLISHER NAMES: shorten the publishers’ names. If more than one list all of them in a sequence.

TITLES: use the original titles only.

PLACE OF PUBLICATION: don’t use country names. If you don’t know the city names write (n.p) either underline or use italics for titles.

PAGE NUMBERS: learning how to write a bibliography always try to guide your readers and give out the page numbers of the referenced books etc.


Dissertation discussions are a kind of medium where you can find solutions for every problem. You can share your ideas and opinions with others and get to know them and their views as well. Doing this you can find solutions for yourself and others as well.

In dissertation discussions you can present solutions for the problems you have highlighted and faced during your dissertation. Also in your dissertation discussions you can compare the ideas of other scholars with your ideas and find out the core of the problems and their solutions. There is a pattern for dissertation discussions which is different for qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

When writing a dissertation discussion always mention some outcomes of your research and provide further explanation for them and they are not fully explored you can suggest further research proposals.

If you want to know more about how to write a dissertation discussion you can contact me anytime.

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